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My *public* post June 2, 2010

Ok warning here, I am a little cranky.  I'm at work right now, ready to go home after a long night and a long day.  I just spilled my heart out to my private journal so I do feel better sort of.  I'd say I'm more at peace than anything.  I think I've let a lot of my insecurities go for the day.  God only knows I'll be back if I haven't, but that's why I love LJ...you can say or do whatever and not be judged for it [when in private] but other than all that bull-ish I am having a good day.  Baby is in an excellent mood and life at the shop seems to be going well for him.  He's just made the move to full time peircer recently and life seems to be treating him fairly well.  I haven't heard anything else on the ex thankfully in a long time so maybe he's cooled his jets and will start paying attention to the poor girl he has trapted now.  I'm going to be judgmental here...she's a bit trashy...but hey I dumped him right?  lol It actually warms my heart a bit that I found someone who is amazing to me in every way that dumb dumb never was and dumb dumb himself is still struggling.  But eh that's life can't get too overconfident with things or I could land on my ass as well.  Anywho...

Had Isis (my parakeet or budgie) out last night and he seems to be getting used to me for once.  It's only been a little bit so I understand that he's still shy and frightened.  I just hope that I can get him to like me.  lol It seems silly but since I've lost Ashes [my 15 year kitty companion] life has had little meaning around the house until I got Isis.  I have another cat, Misty who is still my girl and all but I miss Ashes painfully.  I feel as if there is a hole where he used to be in my heart.   But, life eventually leads to death so I will eventually get over it.  ... well maybe I should do some work =]


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